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Fernando Guadalupe Volunteers & Supports Local Charities

Fernando Guadalupe Volunteers & Supports Local Charities
Fernando Guadalupe Volunteers & Supports Local Charities

Besides protecting our country and training future Army leaders, Fernando Guadalupe spends his free time volunteering with local groups and supporting charities to empower his community. He believes that veterans hold certain esteem in society and encourages veterans to save time for outreach and charity. In this way, they can serve as positive role models to the everyday citizen even beyond their time in service.


Fernando Guadalupe spent decades in the Army serving in multiple positions and gaining expertise in a range of developing topics. 


“Veterans earn respect from their communities because they dedicate their lives to protecting those of their neighbors, friends, and fellow countrymen and women,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “When they give back in their neighborhoods, veterans can have twice as much impact on the people in their communities.”


Uplifting and inspiring others to give back is easier when someone who’s already earned respect and proven dedication to their country steps in to help. Fernando Guadalupe feels that many veterans choose not to support charities or outreach programs because they are unaware of how to get involved or are turned away by the amount of work it might necessitate. Mr. Guadalupe hopes to help banish these stigmas and prove there are many ways for veterans to give back––many of which that don’t require much time or energy.


“The people right here in our neighborhoods need help, so veterans don’t have to look far for an opportunity to give back,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “A little free time can go a long way when you’re cooking a meal for someone in need or simply having a conversation with someone who may be struggling.”


Fernando Guadalupe Supports Many Local Charities

Mr. Guadalupe spent over 20 years of service in the Army, demonstrating heroism by protecting America’s civilians in many esteemed roles. He developed expertise in emerging subjects such as unmanned aerial vehicles and earned distinctions for his contributions to intelligence gathering for Central and South American countries. He’s trained and educated hundreds of future soldiers and published critical findings in military technical journals.


Apart from his Army contributions, however, Fernando Guadalupe is a distinguished sponsor of outreach programs and not-for-profit organizations. Through Meals on Wheels, Guadalupe helps deliver food. He helps civilians who may not have the opportunity to prepare any for themselves. As a volunteer with Missionaries of Charity, a program began by the late Mother Theresa, he is able to uplift the less fortunate in local neighborhoods by providing food, clothes, and company.


Fernando Guadalupe has also sponsored the World Vision Charity for years, helping people around the world who suffer from oppression and poverty. World Vision partners with children, families, and their communities to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice. It’s one of the most trusted and effective charitable programs, helping improve lives in dozens of countries around the world, but it doesn’t require any strenuous activities from volunteers.


“Volunteering doesn’t mean stretching yourself thin or exhausting yourself,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “Many of these organizations just need a helping hand every now and again. Just as your neighbors do––as we all do.”

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