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Army Colonel Fernando Guadalupe Publishes Insightful Texts as Multi-Subject Matter Expert

Army Colonel Fernando Guadalupe Publishes Insightful Texts as Multi-Subject Matter Expert

Serving over two decades in the U.S. Army, Fernando Guadalupe served in elite positions and gained critical insight into multiple emerging wartime subjects. Throughout his career, he shared his research and findings through teachings, presentations, book publications, and technical journals to educate current and future leaders.


Fernando GuadalupeDuring his time with the Army, Fernando Guadalupe was deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan and took on various roles including commander, operations officer, division planner, and deputy commanding officer during his tours. He demonstrated outstanding leadership and rose to ranks like Army Chief, Battalion Commander, and Colonel, helping oversee the training of new soldiers and implementing critical changes to their routine (most notable updates in sight training for new recruits).


Fernando Guadalupe graduated from the Eisenhower School, National Defense University and gained an interest in a range of pressing wartime topics that he would spend years after studying. From his research, he became an expert in many up-and-coming subject fields. He earned the title Central and South America Geopolitical Subject Matter Expert after spending time understanding the culture, landscape, and political environments of both continental segments.


He was also awarded the title Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Subject Matter Expert where his work was used to field the first ever UAS training unit in the Army. Today, he remains one of only a handful of commanding officers who possess an in-depth understanding of tactical unmanned aircraft systems.


Throughout his career, he gathered extensive knowledge of these relatively unexplored Army topics and shared them with his colleagues and future recruits to enhance their understanding.


“Researching important wartime topics may do some personal good,” says Fernando Guadalupe, “but the real benefit is being able to share knowledge on a large scale so it enhances all Army divisions.”


Fernando Guadalupe has relayed vital Army intelligence to other commanding and serving officers through social science periodicals and military-technical journals over the years. Through these texts, he was able to pass on his expertise to Army leaders and interested personnel to strengthen the integrity and knowledge of all soldiers.


His priority has always been the success of his battalions and larger Army divisions and he’s put the tactical improvement and safety of soldiers at the forefront of his studies. Fernando Guadalupe has even published research on sleep deprivation during the war and how it affects soldiers. Through this study, he aimed to improve both the mental and physical health of all individual soldiers and enhance the Army’s capabilities simultaneously.  


In addition to the work in periodicals and military journals, Fernando Guadalupe has published a book on respected Army leaders as well as served as Adjunct Professor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for Undergraduate Studies where he lectured on essential warfare tactics. His dedication to the Army and his country, and the various projects and publications he’s worked on set Fernando Guadalupe apart as an integral leader who uplifts and enhances our armed forces.


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