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Fernando Guadalupe Encourages Support of the World Vision Charity

Decorated Army Veteran Fernando Guadalupe spent decades in service enhancing many Army divisions and demonstrating leadership and expertise in emerging topics. Mr. Guadalupe has also served as an outstanding role model in his community where he supports outreaches and organizations such as the World Vision charity. Veterans already serve critical roles in society. Their service and protection […]

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Fernando Guadalupe Oversaw Major Changes to Soldier Training Program

Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe has many accolades and achievements from his over two decades of service. Apart from earning esteemed titles such as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Subject Matter Expert, he oversaw major changes in the soldier training program that improved the Army’s capability in war. Fernando Guadalupe is recognized as a distinguished leader in the […]

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Army Veteran Fernando Guadalupe Fielded the First UAS Training Unit in the US Army

Decorated veteran Fernando Guadalupe served in many key leadership roles during his time in the U.S. Army. Among many distinctions for his contributions and personal achievements, Mr. Guadalupe fielded the first training unit for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the Army. Fernando Guadalupe served numerous combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan as a highly-decorated officer before taking on […]

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Fernando Guadalupe Encourages Veterans to Spend Time Giving Back in their Local Communities

Fernando Guadalupe spent decades in the U.S. Army serving many roles and developing an expertise in a range of emerging subjects. As a regular volunteer in his spare time, Mr. Guadalupe encourages other veterans to take to their communities and support citizens through charity and volunteering. Veterans are held within certain esteem back at home and […]

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Fernando Guadalupe Became Subject Matter Expert on Emerging Topics During His Time in the Army

Decorated Officer Fernando Guadalupe spent over twenty years serving in the US Army in many roles––both abroad and at home. Besides instructing and preparing hundreds of future Army leaders, Mr. Guadalupe spent years studying to become a subject matter expert on a handful of emerging topics. In his time with the Army, Fernando Guadalupe conducted numerous tours to Iraq […]

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Fernando Guadalupe Implemented Enhanced Marksmanship Instruction During Decades-Long Army Career

Fernando Guadalupe earned a reputation for outstanding leadership during his years of service with the Army, becoming an expert in a range of specialized fields. While serving, Mr. Guadalupe also implemented enhanced marksmanship instruction and integrated regular training of both close combat optics and iron sights. Decorated officer Fernando Guadalupe served over two decades in the […]

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Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Weighs in on the Responsibility of Veterans in Their Local Communities

Veterans protect our country and serve as heroes and role models to the everyday citizen. Some veterans, like Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe, give back to their local communities through charity and outreach, proving their long-term devotion to America and its citizens. Fernando Guadalupe is a highly-decorated officer and Army leader with decades of service under his belt […]

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U.S. Army Colonel Fernando Guadalupe Regularly Gives Back to Society Through Volunteering

Colonel Fernando Guadalupe emphasizes the positive impact volunteering with local organizations has on communities. Apart from his regular Army service, he volunteers with groups like the Order of St. Michael and the Knights of Columbus to empower his local community and beyond. Fernando Guadalupe sets an example to other community volunteers, serving his country as Army Colonel as […]

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Fernando Guadalupe is a Multi-Subject Matter Expert with Decades of Service to His Name

During his service in the Army, Fernando Guadalupe earned many field distinctions that led to renowned leadership positions. He’s a highly-decorated officer and subject matter expert on a range of Army topics, publishing insightful articles in military technical journals and giving lectures on emerging channels. Fernando Guadalupe is a seasoned leader with over two decades […]

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Fernando Guadalupe Empowers Communities as a Longtime Member and Sponsor of World Vision Charity

Fernando Guadalupe has served his country for years in the U.S. Army, but he finds time to give back to his community through various outreach programs and organizations. Through World Vision Charity, he tackles the causes of poverty and injustice to help communities reach their full potential. US Army Officer and Colonel Fernando Guadalupe protects his […]