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Fernando Guadalupe Volunteers & Supports Local Charities

Fernando Guadalupe Volunteers & Supports Local Charities

Fernando Guadalupe Volunteers & Supports Local Charities
Fernando Guadalupe Volunteers & Supports Local Charities

Besides protecting our country and training future Army leaders, Fernando Guadalupe spends his free time volunteering with local groups and supporting charities to empower his community. He believes that veterans hold certain esteem in society and encourages veterans to save time for outreach and charity. In this way, they can serve as positive role models to the everyday citizen even beyond their time in service.


Fernando Guadalupe spent decades in the Army serving in multiple positions and gaining expertise in a range of developing topics. 


“Veterans earn respect from their communities because they dedicate their lives to protecting those of their neighbors, friends, and fellow countrymen and women,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “When they give back in their neighborhoods, veterans can have twice as much impact on the people in their communities.”


Uplifting and inspiring others to give back is easier when someone who’s already earned respect and proven dedication to their country steps in to help. Fernando Guadalupe feels that many veterans choose not to support charities or outreach programs because they are unaware of how to get involved or are turned away by the amount of work it might necessitate. Mr. Guadalupe hopes to help banish these stigmas and prove there are many ways for veterans to give back––many of which that don’t require much time or energy.


“The people right here in our neighborhoods need help, so veterans don’t have to look far for an opportunity to give back,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “A little free time can go a long way when you’re cooking a meal for someone in need or simply having a conversation with someone who may be struggling.”


Fernando Guadalupe Supports Many Local Charities

Mr. Guadalupe spent over 20 years of service in the Army, demonstrating heroism by protecting America’s civilians in many esteemed roles. He developed expertise in emerging subjects such as unmanned aerial vehicles and earned distinctions for his contributions to intelligence gathering for Central and South American countries. He’s trained and educated hundreds of future soldiers and published critical findings in military technical journals.


Apart from his Army contributions, however, Fernando Guadalupe is a distinguished sponsor of outreach programs and not-for-profit organizations. Through Meals on Wheels, Guadalupe helps deliver food. He helps civilians who may not have the opportunity to prepare any for themselves. As a volunteer with Missionaries of Charity, a program began by the late Mother Theresa, he is able to uplift the less fortunate in local neighborhoods by providing food, clothes, and company.


Fernando Guadalupe has also sponsored the World Vision Charity for years, helping people around the world who suffer from oppression and poverty. World Vision partners with children, families, and their communities to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice. It’s one of the most trusted and effective charitable programs, helping improve lives in dozens of countries around the world, but it doesn’t require any strenuous activities from volunteers.


“Volunteering doesn’t mean stretching yourself thin or exhausting yourself,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “Many of these organizations just need a helping hand every now and again. Just as your neighbors do––as we all do.”

Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Shares Decades of Insight Through Teachings and Published Works

Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Shares Decades of Insight Through Teachings and Published Works


Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Shares
Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Shares

Fernando Guadalupe has spent over two decades serving in the Army in many key positions, from Commander and Operations Officer to Adjunct Instructor and Colonel. In this time, he’s become a subject matter expert and a chronicler of Army intelligence who helps today’s officers grow into tomorrow’s leaders. In his local community, however, Fernando Guadalupe is known for his volunteer contributions and his support of various charities and missions.


“Local community members especially look up to veterans for the good work they’ve done protecting our country,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “When they get to talk with veterans and see them giving back, it has the power to start a really positive chain reaction in the community.”


Apart from contributing regularly to Meals on Wheels, Fernando Guadalupe is a longtime sponsor of World Vision Charity, a Christian-based humanitarian organization that helps impoverished people overcome challenges in their local communities. He also works frequently with the Knights of Columbus by helping them spread their mission of charity, unity, and fraternity in communities across the country.

While he’s respected by his community for his contributions to society, Fernando Guadalupe has earned many distinctions for his specialized knowledge of wartime topics. He studied emerging channels and tech advancements during his service and became an expert on major topics like helicopter systems. While serving, he earned the title of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Subject Matter Expert and was part of the Army’s first UAS training unit.


Decorated Officer Fernando Guadalupe has built up a wealth of knowledge in the Army and in his community, earning distinctions for his service and post-service contributions.


He shares details and findings from his ongoing legacy through presentations, speeches, and published works that help shape future leaders.

He contributed to the expanding understanding of UAS in wartime through years of research and active work. Today, Mr. Guadalupe is one of only a handful of commanding officers who have an explicit understanding of tactical unmanned aircraft systems.


Fernando Guadalupe has also earned the distinction of Central and South America Geopolitical Subject Matter Expert after spending years observing and studying the culture and customs of the area. His research helps prepare intelligence officers, field soldiers, and other army personnel to understand and successfully navigate hundreds of regions.  


He’s shared his Army knowledge with the world through social science periodicals and military-technical journals, passing on his expertise to today’s leaders as well as tomorrow’s. In addition, Fernando Guadalupe published research findings from a study on sleep deprivation in wartime, helping his comrades and future Army officers improve both their mental and physical health.

Fernando Guadalupe also acted as Adjunct Professor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for Undergraduate Studies, lecturing on essential warfare tactics and publishing his research to help educate students.


He’s a decorated and proven leader with command over some of the most specialized wartime topics today, and his research and published findings go on to improve the Army, his country, and the world.


Insightful Reads in Various Fields

Decorated Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Pens Insightful Reads in Various Fields

Decorated Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Pens Insightful Reads in Various Fields


Army Office Fernando Guadalupe
Army Office Fernando Guadalupe

Besides active duty in over 20 years of service in the Army, Fernando Guadalupe is a frequent sponsor of outreach programs and nonprofit organizations. He’s worked with Meals on Wheels to deliver food to civilians who were unable to make their own, and he’s volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity to help the less fortunate in his neighborhood get access to food, clothes, and cheerful company. He’s a model hero both at home in his local community and in service, where he’s earned many top-level distinctions.


Apart from serving as a colonel for the US Army, he’s also served as Commander, Operations Officer, and Adjunct Instructor, taking on the role for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for Undergraduate Studies. He conducted multiple combat tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, forming an expertise in a few distinct areas before returning home. He was also a pioneer in the study of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), earning the title UAS Operations Subject Matter Expert before fielding the first training UAS unit in the US Army.


In addition to his expertise in unmanned aircraft, a powerful emerging technology, Fernando Guadalupe earned the title of Central and South America Geopolitical Subject Matter Expert. His status came after years of conducting studious observance of the local Central and South American customs and culture. Through his research, he prepared intelligence officers, field soldiers, and other army personnel to navigate these environments and circumvent potential threats in over a dozen countries.


Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe is a multi-subject matter expert with decades of experience serving his country both in wartime and back at home in his community.


In addition, he’s spent years researching and writing on the accomplishments of the esteemed General Manuel Antonio Noriega.


Over the years, Fernando Guadalupe has translated his findings into easy-to-read texts that help disseminate the pertinent information he’s uncovered during his service. His works have appeared in social science periodicals and technical military journals where current and future Army leaders can benefit from it. Fernando Guadalupe is also a pioneer researcher of soldier sleep deprivation, having conducted first-of-its-kind research and the effects it has in combat environments for years. His reports will go on to improve the mental and physical health of soldiers during the most crucial and dangerous conditions, enhancing both the army’s capabilities and the individual wellness of soldiers.


One of Mr. Guadalupe’s most notable works is The Mosquito and the Colossus: Operation Just Cause through the Eyes of General Manuel Antonio Noriega, available for purchase online. The study argues that the world’s complexity beckons for an understanding achievable only through the study of the local interpretation of historical events. Because of this, Fernando Guadalupe’s narrative provides necessary insight from General Noriega’s perspective that balance the historical narrative.


“General Noriega’s interpretation of Operation Just Cause is a useful study in examining its contributions to the political landscape and the political culture that makes up semi-authoritarian regimes not just in Latin America but also others throughout the world,” says Fernando Guadalupe.


He’s a decorated officer with years of experience both abroad and right here at home, improving the lives of many and keeping our borders secure. Fernando Guadalupe’s published works are insightful reads with unique insight into critical wartime matters. You can find more of Mr. Guadalupe’s written works through Google and online book retailers like Amazon.